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Academic Vice President

Tamiru Anole (PhD)
Vice President for Academic Affairs (Acting)
BA in English from AAU,TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) from Haramaya University  and PhD in Sociolinguistics from Punjabi University, India.
Contact Details:
Telephone (Office): +251(0)464430012
Telephone (Mob) :+25191131406536

Academic Programs Directorate, Registrar Alumni Directorate, Under Graduate Programs Directorate,  Post Graduate directorate, Academic Assessment and Quality Assurance Directorate, CEP, Library Information Service Directorate and Community School.

The Office of the Academic Vice President Affairs 

The Office of the Academic Vice President Affairs is accountable to the President with responsibilities for leading, coordinating and facilitating the University’s academic affairs.

The major duties and responsibilities of the Office of the Academic Vice President are to:

•Lead, coordinate and oversee responsibilities for development and management of graduate and undergraduate academic programs, continuing and distance education, teaching and learning support,  staff affairs, office of the registrar, library, and  academic standards and quality enhancement;

•Provide leadership in establishing  academic priorities,  plans for program development, faculty recruitment and development, and in managing  the academic enterprise;

•Closely work with  the President to assist in and provide support on academic affairs, and with other Vice Presidents to set the University’s broad academic directions/vision, priorities and  policies;

•Develop and oversee the implementation of plans, policies, rules and guidelines governing academic  programs, academic and technical staff,  and students;

•Facilitate the accomplishment of the University’s mission and its academic goals through the establishment of programs, policies, procedures, and standards; in selection, evaluation, and development of faculty and staff; in review of academic programs; in allocation of funds; and in provision of information;

•Ensure the employment and promotion of academic staff is consistent with the University’s rules and procedures;

•Coordinate and set context for the University’s various colleges, programs, and services to maintain broad and coherent institutional perspective;

•Develop and implement the institutional-level planning initiatives that are essential to the strategic positioning of the University;

•Coordinate periodic academic program reviews and work with academic units in the review, study, and development of curriculum and in the improvement of instruction;

•Establish and facilitate collaboration with industries and other institutions in pursuit of the University’s mission;

•Support and ensure the programs of study; prepare and supply qualified graduates in knowledge, skills, and attitudes on the basis of the existing needs of the country;

•Ensure the University’s strategic and operational plans are in place for colleges and reporting units, monitoring and supporting best practices, monitoring performances, and promoting positive relations internally and externally.

Contact Address:

 Office :+251464430012

FAX :+251464430355

Mobile: +251913140653

Office of Vice President for Academic Affairs

Bule Hora University

P.O. Box 144

Bule Hora, Oromia, Ethiopia

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