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Call for Paper

Bule Hora University Research and Dissemination Directorate

Thematic Research Announcement

Bule Hora University is announcing large-scale research projects on the following themes.

Theme 1: Indigenous Knowledge One of the excellence areas of Bule Hora University is preserving, promoting and documenting indigenous knowledge of the local communities including local language and ritual practices embedded in Gadaa system.

As a result, the university has incorporated indigenous knowledge system into academic curriculum at all levels (Undergraduate-postgraduate programs/PhD).

In this academic year (2013 E.C), Bule Hora University wants to announce a large-scale research proposal calls for researchers in Ethiopia and abroad (particularly, those who are affiliated to our university). Under this theme, The University wants to address the following specific sub themes: Focus area one: Indigenous Medicinal practices The Guji peoples have known records of accomplishment of heal diseases through traditional ways (herbal medicine and ritual practices of various kinds).

Even though rural communities rely on traditional healers for various reasons, the significances of these practices have not been well researched to be parts of recognized medical practices in contemporary scientific knowledge. Bule Hora University is glad to announce a large-scale research projects that will address the following major questions: · What is the dynamics or trends in the practices of indigenous Medicine? · What are the challenges in the preservation of those medicinal practices? ·

What are the opportunities to preserve those medicinal practices? · How merge traditional medicinal practices and the modern medical sciences? Focus area two: Indigenous Architecture  In the Guji lands, people have their own structure of building houses, cattle kraals arrangements, and village settlements…etc.

However, this area has not been researched well and the indigenous knowledge in this particular practice has not been harnessed so far.

Therefore, Bule Hora University wants to announce a call for researcher proposals that will address the following major objectives: · Assessing and documents different types of indigenous architectural desig n….etc · Analyzing architectural practices/ meaning and aesthetic values of those design/arrangements, · Design and its features;

Theme 2: Development Like many parts of our country, the condition of the people, their level of education and quality of life have been unsatisfactory in the Guji zones.

Even though, Guji zones are rich in natural resources of various kinds, poverty reduction, creation of employment, human resource development through education and development of social justice including nonviolent political participation have not been developed to the expected standards. .

Here, the aim is to investigate the reason behind these multifaceted development problems with the aim of I improving the living standard of the people through development intervention.

Therefore, the university is looking for research proposals that will address the following major development related issues: Focus area one: Political participation Under this focus area, the university is looking for a research proposal addressing the following objectives: ·

Political challenges, factors affecting, state decision makings and political participation and representations in the two Guji Zone) its repercussions on developments in the two Guji Zones

Focus area two:

Economics (Accessibility of market, investment opportunities and potentials for economic development and its challenges and current status and future prospects) Focus area three: Education  Quality and coverage of education and challenges to education quality achievements and its status in the two Guji Zones

Theme-3: Mineral Resources

Guji Zones are rich mineral resources of various kinds. Legadanbi, which is the largest gold reserve of the country and the horn of Africa, is situated in the Guji Zone. However, the local communities have been complaining continuously about the harm inflicted upon them by companies involved into extraction of these mineral resources.

Therefore, Bule Hora University wants a thematic researcher proposal addressing the following major objectives: · A compressive assessment of mineral resources potentials across the Guji Zones · Contribution of the mineral resources to local communities, regional government, and federal government, · Social, economic, cultural and political impacts of avaliability of minerals in the two Guji Zones, · Clear policy recommendation on mineral resources extractions, utilizations to the regional and federal governments..etc

Theme 4: Agriculture

In the Guji land, there are arable and fertile lands, rivers, and mountains but there is low agricultural productivity. Under this theme, we want research proposal addressing the following major objectives: · Agricultural productivity status, challenges and opportunities (Crop, livestock… etc ) · Compressive assessment of Irrigation potential in the two Guji Zone, current  status of irrigation projects compared with irrigable rivers, lakes..etc, · Challenges and adoption of agriculture technologies in boosting agricultural productivity...etc

Theme 5: Tourism Development Tourism is one of the most important industries growing very rapidly today. 

Guji and West Guji Zones are rich in tourism resources of various kinds.

However, these resources have not been unutilized and not used for local and national development.

The university wants research proposals addressing the following major questions: ·

What are potential tourism resources (natural resources, cultural features, historical sites, wild animals, landscapes, endemic animals, birds…etc) in the Guji and the West Guji Zones? ·

What are challenges of developing tourism industry in the Guji and West Guji Zone? ·

What are opportunities to develop tourism industry in both Zones, · What roles Guji Zones have been playing in national and regional tourism development?

Important Details for submission of project proposals: ·

Call opens for Applications August 05/2020- August 30/ 2020; · Shortlisted applicants invited for public defense on September 05/202; · Shortlisted applicants’ award acceptance deadline September 15/2020;

 Finalists announced and grants awarded on September 26/2020; · Group thematic research proposal addressing thematic areas as whole is encouraged; · Researcher/s must be free from any ongoing research projects funded by Bule Hora University/ This must be screened at college level;  · Budget ceiling will be determined based on the nature of proposed research projects by the committee, · Depending on the nature of the proposed project, duration of the project will be decided by the committee,

 For all research projects, principal researcher/s must be from Home institution (BHU) ·

Eligibility of applicants ·

Researchers both from Bule Hora University and from other universities/institutions can apply for this if they fulfill the requirements expected from each of them as stated below: · A principal researcher should have: · An MA/MSc in one of subtheme he coordinates ·

Three and more years’ experience in higher education or research institutions and research project management experience or grant management experience

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