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Communities Service

Bule Hora University Community Services and Technology Transfer Directorate

The Directorate of Community Services and Technology Transfer, is under the auspices of the Vice President for Research and Community Services of Bule Hora University. It strives to realize ‘community services’ which is one of the three main missions of BHU (Teaching-learning; Researches and Publication, and Community Services and Technology Transfer). The directorate has the following vision, mission, objectives and core responsibilities.


Visualizing the communities whose livelihood is advanced as supported by multi-disciplinary/professions and technology transfer in 2025   


Providing Professional and technical support for community to mask the knowledge and skill gaps of the community

Transferring different technologies from the University or from abroad to the community  


To provide professional and/or technical support to community in order to bridge skill and knowledge gaps in the community for their well being

Main responsibilities

  • Delivering different demand driven trainings to the communities
  • Providing consultancy services  like legal, Business, Construction, etc., services
  • Undertaking environmental conservation like soil and water conservations
  • Transferring different technologies to the communities
  • Providing professional support for  Public institutions(Hospitals, High schools, STEM programs)
  • Providing scholarship for  outstanding individuals in the community ( ‘Beriso Dukale’ and  ‘Akkoo manooyyee’ Scholarship programs)

Main accomplishments of 2020

  • Different trainings have been delivered including: training for Beriso Dukale scholarship students, Bule Hora Teachers’ librarians; training on Public procurement and corruption prevention, up grading skills on mathematical skills soft ware, Effect of large scale mining on local community in Ethiopia, etc.
  • Designs of different construction which related to community culture and history have been completed for instance Tula Suro Guji culture Study center design,Dibe Dugo Gadaa shrines, Galma Qaalluu, Baya Gundi,etc..
  • Community demand based designs of infrastructures have been completed and delivered to the respective districts administrative. These include: Adola Woyu town Asphalst Road design; Raro, Mandiya, Badesa and Sokora Diriba bridges designs Different material supports like chairs for some schools like Galaba high school has been undertaken.
  • Different improved  seed has delivered to model farmers; for instance 20 quintals of improved seed of wheat has been distributed to 113 model farmers for the purpose of seed multiplication and scaling up the farmers in Bule Hora District

List Community services

S.N.                    TOPIC                RESOURCE PERSON

1. Covid 19 prevention awareness program (contribution)
2 E-book submission Covid 19 community awareness 
creation at bule hora rob gabiya               Dr. Hendry dr. Richard

3 Covid-19 poster exhibition- bhu main campus  Dr. d. dubey

4 Covid-19 poster exhibition- adola campus     --
5 Book contribution-shakiso boke school        Dr. dubey

6 Treatment on TB                              Mr. Sanjay and ms.sara

7 NOSOPHOBIA                                   MR. RAGAHAVE

Contact person and Address:

Daniel Duba Bulula: Director Directorate for Community Services and Technology Traanfer

Address: Tel: 046-443-1019; Fax: 046-443-0355, P.Box: 144


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