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Internationalization Office
Bule Hora University's internationalization office is established to realize the University’s vision, mission, and core values relating to the accredited teaching-learning process, problem-based research, and provision of community services. The office aims to promote the free circulation of students, staff (both academic and administrative), and ideas for the dissemination of knowledge via publication and research. Bule Hora University aspires to produce knowledgeable, skillful, competent, and independent students internationally. To make the most competent university in the world concerning its center of excellence, the office has duties to ensure different collaborations and partnerships nationally, regionally, and internationally. The vision of the internationalization office is to internationalize the center of excellence of the University—indigenous knowledge usually Gadaa System, mining, and animal husbandry—, and to create a world competitive university via globalized academic networks, research, and community services. Bule Hora University is the only university in Ethiopia which teaches Gadaa System, the most indigenous knowledge, at undergraduate and graduate levels. BA in Gadaa and Oromo History, MA in Gadaa and Peace Studies, and Ph.D. in Gadaa and Governance Studies are notables. And the university has planned to launch a post-graduate in the indigenous knowledge and the Gadaa system in 2021/2022. Further, because of being established in the areas of pastoralists, Bule Hora University vows to establish an animal production center that is competitive internationally. And establishing a qualified research center for mining activities is the priority of Bule Hora University. The area where the university is located rich in minerals such as gold, emerald, and coal. Hence the university aspires to establish mining research centers to conduct worldwide researches relating to mining. Detailed information can be found on the University’s website albeit it is under process.
The University warmly welcomes any national, regional, and international partners and collaborators inquiries.  Please feel free to contact Mr. Abdisa Olkeba via emails: or to get any information and replies related to internationalization issues of Bule Hora University.
Rationales of internationalization office of Bule Hora University
The rationales of the internationalization office of Bule Hora University are:
  • To introduce indigenous knowledge—Gadaa System—into the world;
  • To internationalize the center of excellence of the University—indigenous knowledge, mining, and animal production;
  •  To increase the exposure of global collaboration and build an academic network between Bule Hora University and world universities;
  • To ensure academic quality and equity of the University;
  • To increase better intercultural communication skills and self-image between Bule Hora University and other universities;
  • To adjust the policies, initiatives, and practices of the University in the context of internationalization;
  • To internationalize the components of the University: international composition of the student body, foundation and development of overseas campuses, and the assurance of internationalizing the learning experience;
  • To enhance the curriculum with international content;
  • To organize international academic and organization structures;
  • To develop a competitive advantage of the University over domestic competitors;
  • To achieve superior international market performance;
  • To enable University to effectively manage the internal organization of their enterprises across multiple international territories;
  • To increase specific initiatives such as branch campuses;
  • To raise cross-border collaborative arrangements;
  • To make visible programs for international students;
  • To establish English-medium programs converter with local languages Afaan Oromoo, Amharic; and
  • To monitor international initiatives and ensure quality services.
Partners and collaborators of Bule Hora University
  • Oxford University, Oxford B College
  • Tufts University
  • London South Bank University
  • Addis Ababa University
  • Jimma University
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