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Dear all Colleagues and Community Members of Bule Hora University,

We all know that Bule Hora University is one of the third generation Ethiopian public universities established in the southern part of the country in the near past. It has commenced its work by employing 72 teachers and taking 243 students for the first time in the 2012/2013. There were only four faculties and six departments which were conducting the teaching learning processes.

But now, eight years later, the university has grown too fast and shown rapid changes in different aspects. Recently, it has more than 63 departments, six of which are postgraduate programs, eight colleges, the School of Law and the Institute of Gadaa and Culture studies. Within 8 years,the total number of the students has increased from 243 to above 13,000. Nowadays, there are more than 585 teachers, including the expatriates,on duty who are conducting the teaching learning activities, research works and community service where the study leave teachers are exclusively considered. Meanwhile, the administrative and supportive staffs are working hard for the success of the academic wing, especially, the teaching staffs.

Besides, as a vision, Bule Hora University has identified its center of excellencessuch as mining, animal production and indigenous knowledge in whichit aspires to becomeone of the best choices of the public higher learning institutionsby 2025in Ethiopia.

Moreover, the university has focused on its mission and vision, which are given to higher institutions through proclamation by the Ministry of Education at national level. Hence, the mission includes teaching and learning, research and community service.

It is clearly known that one of the goals of higher education is to produce professionally trained, skilled human resources who are equipped with necessary knowledge, skill and attitude to provide various services in several different kinds of institutions, organizations, business centers and education sector of the country. Hence, I believe that Bule Hora University has been endeavoring to provide the graduates with relevant and necessary higher education knowledge, skill and attitude which significantly contribute to the socio-economic and technological progresses of the country.

Next, the university emphasizes the provision of community service. Community service is one of the objectives of the higher education institutions with a view to serve communities who are expected to be the prime beneficiary of these services.In cognizant of this, they can work cooperatively to reduce or, if possible, to eliminate poverty and achieve sustainable development. In this regard, the university has been supporting the local communities through the University’s Community Service Directorate in different ways such as providing professional support for Bule Hora high school teachers in respect to pedagogical skill(or teaching methodology) and assessment. In addition, the university selected the school to make it a model high school in the area. The high school also received different teaching facilities, basic seeds or selected seeds, varieties of fish and the like. Tutorial classhas also been given to the students by voluntary teachers from the university.

Apart from this, the farmers in the West Guji Zone have been introduced to cassava plants. The institution is also working on environmental protection, like integrated land and watershed management in different districts of the Guji and Borena Zones. The other important contribution is the introduction of biogas reactors which is to be utilized by the communities in the same localities.

Thirdly, conducting community problem-based researches is another concern of higher education institutions. Therefore, Bule Hora University has identified thematic areas and primarily been conducting a research on them. It has also held three consecutive national research symposia and the first international research conference held from May 31 to June 1,2019 with the theme on“Sustainable Utilization of Natural Resources for Economic Development.”

Lastly, good governance is the means by which each and every one gets the chance to exercise good working experiences through team spirit and is motivated to work with sense of moral standards and good participation. This leads us to one of the university’s core values: put the students first and take care of all of our staffs. Nowadays,realizing good governance is the necessary condition for the sustainability of an institution. Therefore, we have been determined to create fair administration system in the institution. In this regard, we have gone through different steps in solving some problems like assigning the right man to be on the right positions by reorganizing the workers according to the JEG /Job Evaluation And Grading/ system. This is also believed to be the better way to use our human resources and managing appropriately and efficiently in our institution. Furthermore, some disciplinary measures have been taken on some of the workers and the students who have been especially violating the rule and regulations of the university.

In spite of all these efforts and achievements, the country in general and the university in particular still demand more from us to use our capacity and contribute a lot through sense of ownership for the success of its growth and social transformation. Besides, we must jointly act and utilize our efforts. To this end, I would like to convey the message for the community of Bule Hora University that we have to work hand in hand to achieve the goal of our country’s aspiration to be among the middle income nation. Yes, we can! if honesty is our big policy in all walk of life.

Chala Wata(PhD), president of the university.


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