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Student Clinic

Bule Hora University Students Clinic
Back ground:
  • Established in 2004 E.C/2011 G.C
  • In the beginning it was Located at Bule Hora Teachers Trainning College and it was functioning under one Building with only Three Rooms.
Facilities provided were
  • prevention of communicable diseases ,
  • Emergency treatment and
  • Curetive services.
  • Starting its Function with 07 Diffirent Health Professionals
  • (01 Bsc Nurse,01 Health Officer,02  Nurses,01 Pharmacy Technician,01 Laboratory Technician and 01 Health Assistant Respectively).
  • Serving 250  RegularStudets 0nly .
  • Few drugs  and Medical equipmentswere  available to serve the Students.
  • Referral Linkage was made with Bule Hora General Hospital to have Credit treatment services.
Recent Scenerio
  • At Present,the Students Clinic equipped with skilled man power,Adequate Drugs and Medical supplies as its standard.
  • Regular 16 health professionals and 03 supporting Staffs are working inthe Students Clinic.Additionally,Medical Doctors  from College of Medical and Health Sciences  are assigned to work as Part time to stregthen the capacity and  improve service quality.
  • Has its own building with 16 Rooms( Medical Record Room,OPD 1,2,3  ,Dispensary Room,Medical LABORATORY ,EOPD Room,Drug Store ,Clinic Head Office ,DUTY rooms for Male and Females,Latrine rooms for Staff and Clients.
  • Serving more than 10,000 Regular Under graduate Students and post besic Health students and Summer programme Undergraduate  Students.
  • Good Patient Referral system  linked with Two Hospitals (Hawassa University Comprehensive Specialized Hospital and Bule Hora General Hospitalto have Credit treatment services).
  • For emergency Referral cases  Ambulance Services are available  for 24 hours.
Available Services  in BHU Students CLINIC
  • OPD(Out Patient)Services
  • EOPD(Emergency Out Patient )Services
  • Medical Laboratory Services
  • Dispensary Services
  • Patient Referral Services
  • TB Treatment and Follow up Services
  • DM Follow up Services
  • Communicable Disease prevention and control Servises
  • HIV/AIDS prevention and control Servises
  • Reproductive Health and Family Planning services
  • Counsellng Services
  • 24 hours Admision services
  • Ambulance for Referral Cases
N.B BHU Students Clinic provide 24 hours Service as scheduled.
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