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Student Service Directorate Director

Student Service Diretorate is one of the most core process of Bule Hora University (BHU). It is structurally categorized under the vice president for Admnistration and Student Affairs. In it there are different core sub units: like, student cafteria, dormitory service, student clinic and sports and entertainment. Currently, there are more than 8000 students enrolled in a regular base for which we are serving.  BHU student service Directorate is responsible for the following activities:

  • Coordinating, monitoring and controlling the overall students’ services day to day activities (dining services, dormitory and students affairs activities)
  • Monitoring and controlling the overall activities of the student dining services
  • Monitoring and controlling the overall activities of dormitory services
  •  Controlling and monitoring the overall clinical sanitation facility services
  • Planning for students’ social, recreational, sport activities and various clubs activities, counseling and discipline services
  • Checking the availability and requesting for facilities and equipment required for student affairs services
  •  Coordinating, controlling and monitoring the utilization of food raw materials, equipment, sanitation and quality of services delivery
  • Ensuring the services provided by the student services that are integrated to the university’s core process (i.e. academic and research and community services process)
  • Coaching and supporting the student services sub units
  •  Ensures the team spirit and coaching style management in the student services
  • Prepares all the necessary plans and reports with team members
  • Ensures that the different formats that are used by students and other users are regularly updated and are user friendly
  •  Ensures transparency, accountability and responsibility in all activities of student service
  • Ensuring student-centered services
  •  Ensuring the proper, efficient and effective utilization of resources in the center


In our experinces so far, this year is unique. Because it is obvious that our country Ethiopia is undergoing a political and economic reforms. Among the main actors of the political reform, students in higher education institutions are at the forefront.  Hence, University is the most political sensetive or hotspot area. With regard to this, it needs unswerving commitment to lead and govern students towards peace and stability. What we have passed through this year is so astonishing and remarkable. However, we managed the difficult situation with utmost care and now everythings is running in a normal condition. I, as a student Directorate  Director wants to acknowledge our university top management for making our students matter the top priority and together we have managed and realised that ‘Bule Hora University is not Hell as some groups with veiled political ajenda pretend it to be. Bule Hora University is not as they want it to be but rather very peaceful and land of Gada system where there are highly respected norm and values.’

We care for our students as we care for our children, Hence, our students’ service is our top concern. I want to say that Bule Hora University is the univesity of peace and stability, our students feel comfort and secured. Lastly, we highly welcome our upcoming fresh students while congratulating our graduates of the year 2018/19.


Lole Tadi

Student Service Directorate Director

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