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 Regular/Weekend/Summer Undergraduate
Placements to all regular undergraduate programs are processed through the Ministry of Education. The university then conducts admission and enrollment to the different programs based on results of the Ethiopian Higher Education Entrance Certificate Examination (EHEECE), the choice of the student and the capacity of Departments/Schools/Centers. Foreign examinations results must be certified by the ministry of education for their equivalency to the EHEECE. Admissions and enrolments to all programs are processed by the University Registrar in consultation with the academic units concerned and by the decision of the Senate standing committee called Admission and Enrollment Committee (AEC).The University offers the following Undergraduate programs.
College of Engineering& Technology
Under Graduate Programs (22)
BSc/BA Programs
BSc in Civil Engineering
BSc in Electrical and Computer Engineering
BSc in Mechanical Engineering
BSc in Chemical Engineering
BSc in Hydraulics & Water Resource Eng.
BSc in Water Resource & Irrigation Eng.
BSc in Construction Technology and management
BSc in Mining Engineering
BSc in Surveying Engineering
BSc in Architectural Engineering
BSc in Environmental Engineering
BSc in Industrial Engineering
BSc in Mineral Processing Engineering
BSc in Water Supply & Environmental Eng.
BSc in Garment Engineering
BSc in Textile Engineering
BSc in Automotive Engineering
BSc in Food Engineering
BSc in Urban Planning
BSc in Electro Mechanical Engineering
BSc in Biomedical Engineering    (ongoing)          
 College of Natural and Computational Science (10)
Under Graduate Programs
BSc in Biology
BSc in Chemistry
BSc in Mathematics
BSc in Statistics
BSc in Physics
BSc in Sport Science
BSc in Industrial Chemistry
BSc in Geology
BSc in Biotechnology
BSc in Environmental Science & Ecotoxicology
College of Agricultural Science
Under Graduate Programs (15)
D VM in  Veterinary Medicine
BSc in Animal and Range Science
BSc in Plant Science
BSc in Natural resource Mgt
BSc in Agro forestry
BSc in Agro Economics
BSc in Horticulture
BSc in Rural Development and Extension
BSc in Food Science & Postharvest Technology
BSc in Soil Resource & Water Shade Management
BSc in Agro Business & Value Chain Management
BSc in Range Ecology & Biodiversity 
BSc in Land Administration & Surveying
BSc in Wild Life & Ecotourism Mgt 
BSc in Ecotourism & Biodiversity Conservation
College of Health & Medical Science
     Under Graduate Programs (14)
M.D in Medicine
BSc in Pharmacy
BSc in Nursing
BSc in Midwifery
BSc in Medical Laboratory Science
BSc in Environmental Health Science
BSc in Health Informatics
BSc in Human Nutrition
BSc in Public Health officer
BSc in Anesthesia
BSc in Psychiatric Nursing
M.D in Dental Medicine 
BSc in Medical Radiology Technology
BSc in Optometry       
College of Informatics
Under Graduate Programs (7)
BSc in Computer Science
BSc in Information Technology
BSc in Information Systems
BSc in Software Engineering
BSc in Information Science
BSc in Computer Science & Engineering
BSc in Library Science and Information mgt
School of Law
Under Graduate Programs(1)
  • B LL in Law
College of Social Science and Humanities
Under Graduate Programs (17)
BA in English Language and Literature
BA in Afaan oromo and Literature
BA in Journalism and Communication
BA in Geography and Environmental Studies
BA in Civics and Ethical Studies
BA in History and Heritage management
BA in Social Anthropology
BA in Oromo Folklore and Literature
BA in Governance and Developmental Studies
BA in Tourism Management
BA in Sociology and Social work
BA in Philosophy
BA in Political Science & International Relation
BA in Music
BA in Theatrical Art
BA in Visual Art
BA in Peace & Security Studies        (ongoing)
በጉጂ ግርጃ  ካምፓስ(Guji Girja Compus)
College of Education and Behavioral Science
Under Graduate Programs(5)
BA in Adult Education and Community Development
BA in Psychology
BA in Early Childcare and Education
BA in Educational Planning and Management
BA in Special Need & Inclusive Education
College Of Business and Economics 
Under Graduate Programs(11)
BA in Accounting and Finance
BA in Economics
BA in Management
BA in Marketing management
BA in Logistics and Supply chain mgt
BA in Hotel and Tourism mgt
BA in Cooperative Accounting and Auditing
BA in Cooperative Business Management
BA in Business Administration & IS
BA in Banking & Finance                  
BA in Public Administration & Dev't Mgt
Institute of Gadaa & Culture Studies
Under Graduate Programs(1)
  • BA in Gadaa & Oromo Studies  (ongoing)
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