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Vice President For Research and Community Service

Bule Hora University, Vice President for Research and Community Services Bule Hora University Vice President for Research and Community Services is currently running four directorates and one institute. They are, Research and Publication directorate, Community services directorate, University Industry Linkage directorate, Agriculture Center directorate and Institute of Gada and Culture Studies. Since its commencement, Bule Hora University (BHU) has been actively doing different researches and community services activities. As the mandate bestowed upon it by law BHU has been conducting researches, disseminating and publishing research outputs and innovations. Besides serving communities in different aspects, BHU is providing national scholarship called ‘Bariso Dukalle Young Leaders Scholarship’ with the aim of solving the shortage of educated man power in nearby zones and contributing to the regional and national development goals. The Scholarship is named after the well-known and highly respected person called Bariso Dukalle who has contributed a lot in the Guji zones during the past tough time. In addition to Bariso Dukalle national scholarship, BHU has planned and badly doing on expansion of programs both in graduate and postgraduate studies. With regard to this, BHU has already approved Akko Manooyyee International Research Scholarship under Institute of Gada and Culture Studies to provide Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship on Gada and Indigenous knowledge. The pursuit and encouragement of excellent scholarship and research at BHU is dependent principally upon the efforts of its academic and research staff members.

Research Mission, Vision, and Aim of the University

 • Mission:

BHU aspires to uplift the national development needs through demand-driven researches based on the policy directions of the country.

• Vision:

Aspiring to conduct problem-solving researches to become among the leading universities both at national and international level.

• Aim: To carry out high standard researches and disseminate research outputs consistently that will contribute to the advancement of knowledge and understanding, promote the national goals of innovation, economic and social development and environmental sustainability.

Research Core Values and Beliefs of the University

Accountability and Transparency: acting within the context of the national laws and policy frameworks, we create open and transparent participatory decision-making process.

Positive-mindedness: acknowledging people for their contributions of research efforts

Commitment: always be committed to perform assigned duties at the best of our ability.

Collaboration and Partnership: striving to build team spirit and harmony among our functional units and partners to discharge our responsibility.

Engaging in and fostering effective partnerships will be our primary mode of operation and the art of collaboration will be our core competency.

Creativity: promoting innovative approach in adoption of technology and dissemination of research outputs.

Supportive culture: developing culture of being reflective in our research conduct through learning from others, past experience and encouraging new approaches.

Efficiency: exerting efforts to achieve our set targets through effective utilization of human, financial and material resources.

 • Equity and gender sensitivity: believing in diversity in all its forms as valuable asset, we advocate fair access of resources and services to all groups irrespective of sex, religion, ethnicity, physical status, etc.

 • Excellence: valuing knowledge, creativity and innovation in all its forms

Honesty and Integrity: appreciate operating and discharging duties and responsibilities on research and publication matters genuinely.

 • Norms: believing that our activity would be conducted in line with recognized and acceptable University and social norms.

 • Quality: pledging to attain the highest standard in all its undertakings

 • Relevance: the researches output should be pertinent to the needs of the community

Responsibility: expecting all staff to contribute their share for the betterment of community and their professional standards. Research Thematic Areas of Bule Hora University

• Animal Production and Health

• Plant Production and Protection

• Natural Resources Development, Environmental Protection and Conservation

• Engineering, Energy, Computing and Technology

• Mining

 • Health and Medicine

• Business and Economic Development

• Human and Social Development

• Quality Education for Sustainable Development

• Indigenous Knowledge University Centers of Excellence's The area under the auspices of the BHU (Southern part of the Oromia Regional State including Guji, West Guji and Borana Zones) for their potential in both natural and cultural resources. Cognizant of this, the University has identified, mainly due to its strategic location, Mining and Environmental Protection, Animal and Plant Production, and Indigenous Knowledge as its areas of excellencies. Research Centers Research center from single or multi‐disciplinary unit are organized to conduct researches around a specific theme or topic, and they be involved in undergraduate and/or graduate education and/or community outreach activities.

As a result, available Research Centers are:

 • Mining and Laboratory Research Center (Guji Zone, Adola Rede Woreda)

• Highland Crop and Soil Laboratory Research Center (Guji Zone, Uraga Woreda)

 • Animal Production Research Center (West Guji Zone, Dugda Dawa Woreda)

• Agricultural Research Center (West Guji Zone, Kercha Woreda)

• High land Crop Research Center (West Guji Zone, Galana Woreda)

• Low Land Crop Research Center (West Guji Zone, Suro Barguda Woreda)

The Institute of Gadaa and Culture Studies The Institute of Gadaa and Culture Studies was initiated to facilitate one of the Bule Hora University’s centers of excellence, indigenous knowledge, by identifying thematic area for research on Gadaa and culture, providing professional training for researchers, community, and others, and disseminating research findings to the communities around the university as well as to the whole world. The institute mainly focuses on promoting, protecting and developing Gadaa system and cultural norms, values and practices of the Gujii, Borana, Gabra, Gedeo, Burji, Konso and Amaro through research and discussion with elders, and scholars around the world. University Industry Linkage Bule Hora University’s University Industry Linkage Directorate was officially established in April 2018 in a vision to have a strong partnership and collaboration with various industry sectors, research institutes, and TVETs under four strategic pillars viz. Qualified Internship Program, Faculty Externship Program, Short and long-term training, Research and Technology Transfer works and Consultancy services.

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