Department of Geography and Environmental Studies:


The Department of Geography and Environmental Studies has long history as the foundation of the Bule Hora University. The department of Geography and Environmental Studies is one of the department under the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities. The department of Geography and Environmental Studies started its under graduate program in the year 2011-12 having 3 lecturers, and 72 students. Currently the department has 14 lecturers, 2 Doctors and 7 PhD fellow as well as one/1/ undergraduate program and  5/five/ post Graduate programs.
Post Graduate programs launched under Departemnt of Geography and Environmental Studies listed as follow.
  1. MSc in Disaster Risk Management (DRM)
  2. MSc in Climate Change and Sustainable Development (CcSD)
  3. MA  in Regional and Urban Development Planning(URDP)
  4. MSc in GIS and Remote Sensing
  5. PhD in Integrated Natural and Environmental Management(INEM)
The opening of these programs is mainly to meet the current carrier needs, market demands for post graduate studies and wide range of development in the discipline as well as global development prospective.
To make fundamental contribution to the advancement of geographic science by:
  • Conducting disciplinary and integrative research in the physical and social sciences that spans to local to global scales, with an emphasis on geospatial perspectives of our changing planet and its suitability
  • Equipping undergraduate and post graduate students to meet the challenges associated with continuing evolution of geographic science while providing them with vibrant and fulfilling educational experience
  • Appling geographic sciences to societal , environmental issues in our community, country, region and the global community as whole
  • Vision
  • To lead development of academic , educational , and research directions of human and natural systems, land cover/and land use change and geographic information system
  • Harnessing the integrative nature of geographic science to answer fundamental questions of local, national and global importance’s
  •  In 2025  becoming Best department from 3rd generation Universities
  • Motto
  • “Lead the integration of Natural ,Social and Geographical Information System to Understand and Solve Problems of Community and Environment”