Message From ICT Director
Information and Communication Technology can contribute to universal access to education, equity in education, the delivery of quality learning and teaching, teachers' professional development and more efficient education management, governance, and administration.
Information technology has brought numerous benefits, including improved communication, increased productivity, enhanced decision-making, streamlined processes, and greater access to information and knowledge.
Bule Hora University Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Directorate is the central support unit that provides all of the University’s ICT services and facilities. The Directorate is committed to supporting, improving and transforming the way ICT is used across Bule Hora University.
provide quality services whereby the teaching, research, and administrative activities of the university are carried out by utilizing the resources and services efficiently and effectively.
To transform Bule Hora University as an E_University which integrates ICT into every aspect of its operations.
Ensure that ICT is fully integrated into planning and implementation of the University mission in order to speed up and improve quality of activities of Bule Hora University.
  • Build the capacity of potential users of ICT resources so that they will make the most out of the resources.
  • Retain competent, highly qualified and innovative ICT professionals that maintain the existing resources and plan for future expansions
  • Provide a system of reliable support for users of ICT resources
  • Provide a standard for procurement of ICT resources and/or services
  • Consult higher decision-making bodies in ICT and related issues
Teams under Bule Hora University ICT Directorate:
  • Infrastructure Development Team
  • Technology Teaching and Learning Team
  • Application Development  and Administration Team
  • Maintenance and Technical Support Team
  • Training and Consultancy Services Team
Mr. Wondimagegn Shebera (MSc)
ICT Director
Bule Hora University
Tel: +251911011365
Bule Hora, Ethiopia