College Of Agricultural Science

Bule Hora University
College of Agricultural Sciences
Niguse Godana Galgalo                                                        
Dean of Agricultural Sciences College                                                                 
   Bayisa Bussa Gonfa
 Vice Dean of Agricultural Sciences College
  • Over View of Agricultural Sciences
College of Agricultural Sciences is one of the Excellency centers of Bule Hora University which was established in 2005 E.C with 12 academic staffs and 108 students. Currently, the college has 12 under graduate and 9 Post graduate Programs with 24 Administrative staffs and 102 academic staffs (66 on duty and 36 on study leaves on different academic ranks). The college is hosting more than 1408 students in different modalities (Regular, week end and winter) where 1133 are under graduate students (711 regular, 107 week end, 315 winter) and 275 Post graduates students (195 regular and 80 week end).
Beside learning and teaching, the college has been working at its maximum efforts in research and community service activities in different years and stages to realize community benefits and natural resources conservation, enhancing productivity, ensuring food security, adopting, disseminating agricultural technologies for communities and producing qualified man power for the country at large. The college has planned to enhance community benefits through establishing different research centers and demonstration sites in different places nearby university. For instance, Karcha Agricultural Research Center (Karcha site), Dugda Dawa Agricultural Research Center (Dugda Dawa), and Bule Hora Demonstration (in the main campus) site are already established by the college. The college started to arrange different seminars on varies thematic and national research symposium independently from 2013 E.C and has a plan to arrange more as it may enhance experiences with scholars on research outputs. Academic staffs’ engagement in research and community service activities and publishing articles on reputable journals is frequently increasing in the college.
To enrich its goal and objectives, the college has been working with different organization collaboratively in research and community services and has planned to enrich more. For instant, Lowland Livelihood Resilience Project (LLRP), Oromia Agriculture and Natural Resource bureau , Oromia Irrigation and Pastoral Development bureau, Ten Senses Perennial Crop Production PLC, Metad Agriculture Development PLC, Ministry of Irrigation and Dry land  are among stakeholders the college has made linkage and done research and community service on more than 20 project and research tittles for surrounding catchments and zones. 
    • Agricultural Sciences College Goal
  • A first priority for Agricultural Science College is the development of students into lifelong learners and contributing to global community. Key student learning and success outcome include technical competencies of their program of study and agricultural literacy, engaging in thoughtful, intentional and professionally written, visual, verbal and non-verbal communication. Agricultural Sciences College will develop an international reputation in developing, delivering and measuring the outcomes of experiential learning.
  • Increase enrollment, retention, graduation and placement rates while streamlining internal processes and remaining fiscally responsible.
  • To promote an educational and professional environment where faculty, staff and students are welcomed, valued and affirmed.
  • To enhance the success of divers students and create an inclusive academic environment.
  • To increase the recruitment, retention and graduation.(recruitment vs graduation)
    • Objectives
Agricultural Science College will become the college of choice for agricultural science among higher education at national and international level. To achieve the mission and goal of the university, the college strives to provide quality education in agriculture, conduct problem solvable research and participate in community service outreach. To generate appropriate technologies that support sustainable growth of agriculture. To increase number of agricultural research center and laboratories in order to solve community problem.
    • Motto
We strive to ensure food security! (የምግብ ዋስትናን ለመረጋገጥ እንተጋለን!)
  • Agricultural Sciences College Management
  1. College Dean
  2. College Vice Dean
  3. Research and Community Service Coordinator
  4. Post Graduate and Continues Education Coordinator
  5. Quality Assurance Coordinator
  6. Registrar Coordinator
  7. Livestock Research  center coordinator
  8.  Crop Research Center Coordinator
  9.  Plant Sciences Department Head
  10. Animal Sciences Department Head
  11. Natural Resources Management Department Head
  12.  Veterinary Medicine Department Head
  13. Agricultural Economics Department Head
  14. Agribusiness and Value Chain Management Department Head
  15. Agroforestry Department Head
  16. Rural Development and Agricultural Extensions Department Head
  17. Horticultural Sciences Department Head
  18. Ecotourism and Biodiversity Conservation Department Head
  19. Soil Resources and Watershed Management Department Head
  20. Range Ecology and Biodiversity Department Head
  1. Programs
    • Undergraduate Regular Program (12)
  1. Department of Plant Sciences
  2. Department of Animal Sciences
  3. Department of Natural Resources Management
  4. School of Veterinary Medicine
  5. Department of Agricultural Economics
  6. Department of Agribusiness and Value Chain Management
  7. Department of Agroforestry
  8. Department of Rural Development and Agricultural Extensions
  9. Department of Horticultural Sciences
  10. Department of Ecotourism and Biodiversity Conservation
  11. Department of Soil Resources and Watershed Management
  12. Department of Range Ecology and Biodiversity
    • Undergraduate Weekend Program (3)
    1. Department of Plant Sciences (3 branches)
    2. Department of Animal Sciences (4 branches)
    3. Department of Natural Resources Management (5 branches)
    • Undergraduate Winter Program (3)
    1. Department of Plant Sciences
    2. Department of Animal Sciences
    3. Department of Natural Resources Management
    4. Animal Health
    • Post Graduate: MSc Regular (9)
  1. Sustainable Natural Resources Management
  2. Soil Sciences
  3. Agronomy
  4. Animal Breeding and Genetics
  5. Rangeland Management
  6. Agricultural Economics
  7. Food Security and Livelihoods
  8. Rural Development
  9. Plant Protection
    • Post Graduate: MSc Week end (3)
  1. Sustainable Natural Resources Management
  2. Food Security and Livelihoods
  3. Rural Development