Bule Hora University (BHU) Internationalization Directorate office was established recently in late 2020 to enhance the publicity and reputation of the university and bolster the students and academic staffs competitiveness globally. Despite being at infantile stage, the office has tirelessly working towards establishment of a system that leads the university more globally oriented and internally connected institution. Through the implementation of strong partnership and collaborative strategies aligned to the national, and BHU policies, strategies, vision and missions we have created most prestigious networking with different national and international research, academic and non-governmental institutions in a diversity of areas.
Potentials of Bule Hora University
  • Gada System and its governance
  • Indigenous knowledge on natural resource conservation
  • Potential mineral resources
  • Dairy farms and animal production
  • Livestock and its markets
  • Potential agriculture environment
Objectives internationalization
  • Enhancing the international visibility and reputability of the Bule Hora University
  • Making university-external partners cooperation a part of normal activity in the university
  • Creating networks and linkage systems with Government and non-Government organizations globally
  •  Improving partnerships and collaborations with associations that align in strategies, efforts, and initiatives
  • Advancing technology  adoption, innovation, and transfer to enhance opportunities for academics and students of the university
  • Facilitate conducive environment for the provision of quality based teaching, research and community service 
Target areas for collaboration and partnershi
Cross-border education
  • Foster partnerships for academic staff capacity building
  • Create educational “hubs”
  • Collaboration in teaching and learning,
  • Scholar and Student mobility & research collaboration
  • Distant learning
Internationalization at home
  • Internationalization of the curriculum
  • Broad institutional engagement with internationalization
  • Enhancing the degree of professionalization of staff
Institutional capacity building
  • Joint grant/Project development and management
  • Development of new joint postgraduates programs in fields of interest
  • Organizing  joint workshops, courses and scientific conferences 
  • Collaboration on other educational initiatives and scientific research endeavors  mutually agreed upon with partners
  •  Undertaking of joint research activities and publications to promote staff and students mobility and staff capacity building
  • Knowledge sharing, learning, and community-based education that serves to motivate individuals to learn and take action
Bule Hora University welcomes any partnership and collaboration enquiries from the international partners. For further details, please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Anteneh Fikrie ( or he will reply as fast as the speed of light.
Anteneh Fikrie (MPH, Assistant Professor)
Director, Internationalization Directorate Office
Bule Hora University, Bule Hora, Ethiopia
Telephone: +251– 922-46-51-29
Anteneh Alebachew (BA, MA)
Coordinator, International Institutional Relation, Internationalization Directorate Office
Bule Hora University, Bule Hora, Ethiopia
Telephone: +251– 912-04-44-03
Hassen Hussen (BSc, MSc)
Coordinator, Digital Communication, Internationalization Directorate Office
Bule Hora University, Bule Hora, Ethiopia
Telephone: +251– 910-26-06-12