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Computer science
Department of Computer Science was established in 2005 E.C. It is one of the first two departments (Computer Science and Information Technology) within the College. However, during the time of its establishment, it was under the faculty of Engineering and Technology which was also established in the year 2005/2011 G.C/E.C., in Bule Hora University in response to the government’s program of expanding and diversifying university education. These Departments were with the Faculty of Engineering and Technology until it was placed under College of Informatics in the new University structure in 2010 E.C. academic year During this academic year, the college of informatics was separated from the faculty of Engineering and Technology as a self-regulating college by having five undergraduate departments: Computer Science, Information Technology, software engineering, information system, and Information science department. Currently, the Department has 94 students in the regular and 102 in the extension program in the undergraduate program. Under the postgraduate program, there are also 22 students in regular and 19 students under the weekend postgraduate program who are following their class MSc in computer science specialization. For the past eight years, the department had been offering undergraduate degree programs in the college. Currently, the Department is accepting and enrolling students under regular/weekend programs. The Department runs also Postgraduate programs in Computer Science both for Regular and weekend students. It was the First Department that opened a master’s program in computer science in 2012 E.C. In addition to this it is the only department that is offering Ph.D. program in the College. The Department staff members are participating in the research work that is funded by the university starting from its establishment 2010 Academic year and also the staff member doing the research work by them self’s means without waiting for university fund for their self-promotion and participating in publishing their paper on the Scopus indexed Database and non-Jeffrey Beall’s list. As per the notification given by the university the status of our staff in publishing Research papers is increasing from year to year and the number of staff participating in the research is also exponentially increasing either with university-funded or by their resources. The department staff is also Actively participating in community service to solve the social and communal problems and issues. The Department has graduated more than 5 batches of students starting from 2008 E.C. the number of students graduated from this department approximately is more than 300 students in regular and weekend mode. A good number of students graduated from our department are working in different positions with higher governmental institutions such as Universities, banks, Ethio-Telecom, rail-ways, Customs and also in different private-owned investments or industries, NGO’s and other different local and regional offices with different levels of expertise. Some of them have become are Successful entrepreneurs
The vision of the Department is to be a leading academic unit in the provision of quality education in Computer Science at undergraduate and graduate levels and to be a focal point for the advancement of Computer Science research, innovation, and dissemination of valuable knowledge in line with the development endeavors of the country.   
The Department’s missions are to:
• Provide quality undergraduate and graduate education within the rapidly evolving areas of Computer Science;
• Conduct project in Computer Science and its application areas;
The objective of establishing the department is to
✓ Train specialists who can work in the area of Computer Science, Information Technology, Information Systems, Software Engineering, and related fields in Ethiopia and to conduct original research independently and to develop new technologies in this field of Intelligent Systems.
✓ Strengthen the link between industry and higher education so that candidates can work on the country ‘s Computer Science sectors to Initiate, promote and foster research in different fields of Computer Science in line with the national needs
✓ Promote interdisciplinary scientific and technological development locally and internationally.
✓ Generate, develop, and disseminate new knowledge through research in Computer Science.
✓ Develop skills to design, implement and administrate high-performance computer networks and security infrastructures including examination of the methods, techniques, tools, and technologies used to develop and secure such infrastructures.
✓ Equipping students with the required network security skills demanded by the digital world.
✓ A rigorous theoretical knowledge and understanding of current research issues as well as detailed practical experience of network planning, design, development, implementation, operations, applications, systems and services.
Here the staffs are listed below :
Contact Location of the department: Building number 112, Ground floor, Room No:06
Head, Department of computer science
Name: Asedo Shektofik (MSc)