4th International Research Conference

Indigenous Knowledge for Innovation and Societal Transformation
The Bule Hora University Scientific Symposium Organizing Committee welcomes your contribution to the 4th international research conference.
This is the most important part of your submission. It helps us understand and evaluate how your presentation will impact the symposium.
Presentation style: in-person and online
To ensure the conference runs smoothly, presentation opportunities include both in-person and virtual presentations. Online presentations will be delivered and viewed online as asynchronous digital media. An online discussion board will facilitate conversation: open to both in-person and online participation options, and notify us through email.
Session Details and Time Allocation
Presentations are grouped according to topic or perspective into themed sessions, with time provided after all of the presentations for questions and answers and group discussion. For virtual presenters, we will notify you well ahead of time to confirm the details of your session in the program. The section link will be active at least one week before the conference date, and more information will be provided closer to the date. Presentations should be no longer than 10 minutes. The sub-theme chairs or organizers of the session will inform you in advance of any specific details of your session, and they will ensure that the session stays within the allotted time frame.
Submission of presentations
All speakers are asked to load their PowerPoint on the section organizer PC before their presentation, and this can be done on-site. If you wish to upload your presentation PowerPoint before going on-site, please submit it via the email address shown on our poster.
In the meantime, please mark the dates on your calendar. Thank you for your interest in and cooperation.
Get in contact:
If you require further assistance, please contact us at:
Abinet Bekele (PhD)
Director of Research, Publication, Ethics, and Dissemination,
Bule Hora University, Bule Hora, Ethiopia
Mobile: +251(0) 911 99 9586 or +251(0) 711 64 6270
Scientific and editorial
For information on scientific and editorial matters, contact:
Mekuria Guye (PhD)
Mobile: +251(0) 911 85 9610/ +251(0) 713375728
Kifle Midadu
Mobile: +251(0) 919189322
ICT and Facilities Committee
For detailed information on ICT-related facilities, contact:
Wodimagegn Shebera
Mobile: +251(0) 911 011 365 
For detailed information on accommodations, contact:
Mr. Fikadu Merigia 
Mobile: +251(0) 913 25 7591 
 Transport and Logistics
For detailed information on transport and logistic facilities, contact:
 Aschalew Shifera
Mobile: +251(0) 911 31 2933