Bule Hora University conducted a review of the 1st-quarter planning report.

November 8, 2023
Bule  Hora University President Dr. Birhanu Lema gave a welcome message and discussed the work being done in 2016 E.C. in detail. The directorate of planning and budgeting of Bule Hora University presented the report for the 1st quarter of 2016 E.C. in the presence of the president and the officials of the university. Mr. Dube Kumbi, Director of planning and budget monitoring, presented a 1st-quarter plan implementation report on how the 2016 E.C. budget should be implemented, the actual situation of teaching and learning in 2016, and the main activities carried out in each sector. In the same Fiscal year, the president of the University, Dr. Birhanu Lema, said that some of the deficiencies observed in the three-month performance evaluation will be resolved in the remaining months. In the opinions of the participants, they mentioned that it is good that the report should be presented with the results.