Background Information
Department of MECHANICAL ENGINEERING is one of the first department with BHU establishment, received its first batch in 2012 GC. And has accomplished students graduation for five (5) times until the year of 2021, the department has four (4) BSc streams to Choose, starting from 2021 GC, also offers three (3) MSc programs
Currently the department has 59 teaching staffs (Including six (6), Eight (8) Technical Assistants, seventeen (17) local lecturers, twenty eight (28) assistant lecturers.
This Profession deals with the design, selection, installation, operation, and maintenance of all forms of machinery, equipment, and industrial systems. Some of these machinery, equipment’s and systems including industries and companies like,
  • large foundations of thermal systems including wind turbines and aero dynamics applications,
  • manufacturing and maintenance of mechanical components,
  • On ground, sea moving and air born machineries,
  • Ensuring any parts can be sourced when large-scale vehicle assembly commences,
  • Vehicle industries and motor companies,
  • Devising and organizing tests, which will answer questions from clients, consumers   and other engineers involved in mechanical development,
  • Managing all details of projects, including projected costs,
  • Maintenance of power generation plants,
  • Electro-mechanical equipment’s installation and maintenance companies,
  • Academic, research and development institutions. 
The following Laboratories are included in the department,
Two Computer Laboratories
  1. Computer Laboratory One
  2. Computer Laboratory Two
  1. Welding And Metal Forming Workshop
  2. Machine Shop
  1. Automotive Laboratory
  2. Thermal Laboratory
  3. Mechanism Laboratory
  4. Vibration Laboratory
  5. Material Testing Laboratory
  6. Drawing Laboratory
Expatriate (PhD),Asso.PRO&Local
Assistance Lecturer
Lab. Assistance
                                                      59 total staff


To develop future professionals with problem identification/solving skills and positive attitudes to serve the society.
  • To produce technically sound and practically competent engineers of global standard.
  • To train professionals equipped with relevant knowledge and skills, who would contribute to the development of the country.
  • To bring out professionals who are not mere government expectants for jobs, but job creators.
  • Reorient the education system to be more practical, research oriented and problem solving.
  • To address the demands of the new education policy of the country
Our goal is to provide skilled graduates in education with,
  • Knowledge and skill of basic all sectors of mechanical engineering concepts and practices, working principles related to design, manufacturing, service and maintenance of different machines. 
  • implement the procedure for pollution control, legal aspects such as motor vehicle act, fleet management, Insurance, registration of vehicles under different State Body control, emission standards . also
  • Relate construction , hydraulics, Electronic, electrical and computer science to Mechanical Engineering advanced technology
Is to “Impart futuristic technical education and instill high patterns of discipline through dedicated staff who shall set global standards making our students technologically superior and ethically strong, who in turn shall improve the quality of life of human race in general and our own people in particular.“
Bule Hora University works to provide quality education, conducts problem based researches, gives demand driven community services and enhance leadership and good governance.
Admission Criteria
  1. Regula  students who  fulfill the following criteria are eligible for admission to the Department:
  • Preparatory complete with a pass in the national examination
  • Above average grades in Technical Drawing, Physics and Mathematics
  • Good performance in the assessment semester.
  1. Students who complete 10+3 TVET programs related to mechanical engineering with very good performance and who have attended a bridging program in physical sciences can be also be considered for admission, although their acceptance will depend on availability of space.
(Harmonized BSc Curricula | Department of Mechanical Engineering)
National Collaboration
  • Negele TVET Collage
  • Adola TVET Collage
  • Yavello TVET Collage
Global Collaborations
Academic Programs
The Department offers one (1) BSc and three (3) MSc programs in Undergraduate Level.
  • BSc. in Mechanical Engineering
  • MSc in M.Sc. Program in Post graduate level
The Department of MECHANICAL ENGINEERING offers three (3) MSc programs
  • Automotive Engineering,
  • Manufacturing Engineering and
  • Thermal Engineering
BSc. Programs
B.Sc. in Department of MECHANICAL ENGINEERING has four (4) streams in undergraduate level.
  • Manufacturing Engineering,
  • Motor Vehicle Engineering,
  • Thermal Engineering and
  • Mechanical Design engineering
Note; Also the department has stablished two departments as a separate department. And ready to receive new students in the following departments.
  • Automotive Engine and
  • Material science
Head Department:  Mr. Gemechis Mitiku- MSc. ( Lecture)
Tel: +251-910850792
P.O.Box- 144,Bule Hora, Ethiopia