A discussion was held with the bodies of the Ministry of Education at Bule Hora University.

October 23/2016
A discussion was held with the bodies of the Ministry of Education at Bule Hora University.
On that day, they had a discussion with Bule Hora University student representatives, teachers and administrative staff based on the directives issued by the Ministry of Education to support and monitor the teaching and learning activities and similar issues in all universities.
Experts from the Ministry of Education will evaluate the purpose of the supervision, how the general teaching process and related issues are being carried out in the university, and how the teachers, administrative staff, students and other relevant stakeholders are performing in terms of their assigned mission, and make the necessary improvements in the areas where weaknesses have been identified and make them part of the plan for the rest of the time. After explaining that it is a discussion forum designed to ensure that the proposed plans achieve their goals, the participants were given the opportunity to raise various issues.
Accordingly, among the ideas raised by the students, in connection with the exit exam, especially based on the low performance seen in 2015, the necessary attention should be paid to the qualification of the graduate students who will take the exit exam and it was stated that the exit exam was based on the blueprint prepared by the Ministry of Education. In the absence of this, it is necessary to pay attention to the next course and to ensure that the teachers finish the course according to the schedule, and to focus on how much the students have understood. Also, according to the instructions issued by the Ministry of Education for the universities, the teaching should be supported in practice and the infrastructures that play a positive role in the quality of education should be completed in the campus. They requested that the work of evaluation and supervision be strengthened.
Similar ideas were raised and discussed by teachers and administrative staff, especially since they are teachers who have a direct relationship with teaching and learning, they were told to pay attention to empowering students, and in terms of research and community service, the appropriateness with which teachers are fulfilling their role was evaluated and the participants were given resources that could directly or indirectly support learning and teaching in a timely and sufficient manner. They asked for a situation.
It has been reported that experts from the Ministry of Education have informed that there will be a discussion with the top leaders of the university regarding the issues that have not been answered on the platform, including the Ministry of Education.
Bule Hora University