At Bule Hora University, a discussion was held on how to implement a focused educational quality plan

Date 05/12/2014 E.C
Since educated manpower is crucial for the development of a country, it is necessary to educate the body that will inherit this country tomorrow with quality education; maintaining the quality of education from the grassroots level is paramount and especially the higher education institutions should work hard on the issue of quality of education.
Based on the direction given from Ministry of Education, all graduates of higher education institutions of the country should take the Exit Examination starting from 2015 E.C.
Accordingly, the first phase of discussions on how to implement education quality planning was held at Bule Hora University today with teachers from the College of Social Sciences and Humanities and the College of Agricultural Sciences.
The President of Bule Hora University, Dr. Tamiru Aanole, who delivered the opening remarks at the discussion, said that the issue of quality of education is not a matter of scheduled tomorrow, and this issue is more of a priority than any other issue, he said, adding that the discussion will continue in phases in all the remaining colleges.
Instructor Tariku Gammade, Dean of the College of Social Sciences and Humanities and instructor Nuguse Godana, Dean of the College of Agricultural Sciences presented a series of points for discussion.
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