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Department of Software Engineering Profile
In today's world, the explosive impact of Computers and Information Technology on our everyday lives has generated a need to design and develop new Computer Software Systems and to incorporate new technologies into a rapidly growing range of Software Systems and Applications. Software Engineers apply the principles and techniques of Computer Science, Engineering, and Mathematical Analysis to the design, development, testing, and evaluation of software systems. Department of Software Engineering established in 2011 E.C. at Bule Hora University which offers a comprehensive undergraduate and postgraduate curriculum that prepares students to be industry leaders in computing or software engineering. In the National and International arena, the demand for software engineers is high at the moment, because of the advancement and need for information technology in every aspect of life. The department will start graduating its student for the first time this academic year. Department of Software Engineering at BHU is committed to producing professional Software Engineers carrying strong analytical and development skills necessary to meet the challenges of real life and play their role in building up the National Economy. The Department of Software Engineering in the heart of the BHU is dedicated to producing expert software engineers who can meet the challenges of the modern age. Our commitment is to produce graduates with expertise in Research and Development. Our academic staff is graduated from well-known national and international universities are specialized and also specializing in core areas of software engineering and put their best efforts to enable the students of software engineering to be able to encounter the challenges of the current software industry. The software development experience of faculty members and industrial linkage is also playing a vital role in grooming the students according to the new trends of the software market. These are two programs in the software engineering department which are BSc in Software Engineering and MSc in Software Engineering.
Creating highly educated, knowledgeable, entrepreneurial citizens in the field of software engineering to achieve the mission of the university and meet the nation’s need for a workforce in the field of software engineering and software development.
By 2025, the department will be the center of excellence in software engineering and development in Ethiopia.
Program objectives
The objective of the program is to prepare students for professional careers and graduate studies with a balance between computing theory and practical application of software engineering concepts, methodologies, tools, and technologies in the modern software development environments. The curriculum is designed to ensure breadth across allied disciplines and supporting subjects; and depth in most areas of the software engineering body of knowledge. Various components have specifically been included in the curriculum to ensure that the graduates will understand and be able to apply the principles of software engineering practices and processes, subject to realistic constraints. Be able to model, analyze, document, and track system requirements, both functional and functional non-functional.
Have an awareness of current industry standards and practices.
✓ Understand and apply the principles of software quality assurance.
✓ Be able to understand and apply project management skills such as measurement, costing, estimation, planning, documenting, deployment, and tracking of resources.
✓ Have strong communication and interpersonal skills.
✓ Be able to acquire skills and knowledge to advance their career, including continually upgrading professional, communication, analytic, and technical skills.
✓ Capable of the team and organizational leadership in computing project settings, and have a bad understanding of computing-based solutions to organizational problems.
Undergraduate program
BSC in software engineering
✓ Weekend program: BSC in software engineering
Post Graduate program
✓ Regular: MSc in software engineering As of 2012, the software engineering program has 6 teaching academic staffs on duties and the academic rank of the active members on duty is as follows.
Department Head’s Message
Welcome, to The Department of Software Engineering. I greet you on behalf of staff and students of Software Engineering. The modern era is the era of computing and almost all modern businesses increasingly depend on software systems. The staff of the Software Engineering department is qualified from renowned universities of the world and they are fully equipped with advanced knowledge and modern technologies. They work tirelessly to train their students to cope with the contemporary challenges of the software industry by delivering innovative solutions. Various research groups are working in the Fields of Software Requirement Engineering, Software Quality Engineering, Machine Learning, Software Project Management, and Software Testing and Reliability. Students are encouraged and motivated to take part in research activities through a variety of seminars. Department is fully committed to providing state-of-the-art facilities to synchronize the theoretical concepts with their applications and implementations. The professional qualification of our graduates enables them to analyze, design, develop, test, deploy and maintain software systems in a well-organized way. They also become well-rounded professionals for leading and directing teams, estimating the cost, analyzing and responding to the risks associated with software systems as well as suggesting innovations in their very field. They can work through all phases of the Software development life cycle from requirement gathering to maintenance. The global industry is full of excitement for software engineers. There are a lot of career opportunities in the fields of mobile phones, automobiles, telecommunication, aeronautics, health care, and gaming industries, etc. Our enthusiastic faculty members are always there to help and guide their students to get adjusted to the market.
Software Engineering Department Students profile in 2014 academic year
Post graduate regular students
There are 7 students from those 1 of them are female.
Under graduate regular students
There are 45 students from those 4 of them are female. In addition, we are preparing to take 2nd year students within two months.
Laboratory class status
We have two laboratory classes which have enough computers for a particular student. But we have an issue with a classroom for MSc students. The department has been repeatedly raised this issue in the last entire year but there is no solution made by the college. As we start this academic year with more classes and students we require additional laboratory classes. To indicate the status, we need 1 BSc laboratory class and 2 MSc laboratory classes with the respected number of computers with student ratio. Activities are done so far in our department In the previous academic year, our department hired 3 BSc instructors and transferred 1 MSc instructor from another department to build the department and to make it competitive. As we are preparing for students for their first graduation in our department in this academic year, our staffs are ready to help the students in their senior project. Our department also started a software club as a department also we have provided our outstanding students to the colleges’ software development club. We are also planning to engage much training which is included in the introduction to boost staffs and students performance. Such training may help students in their future competitive world.
Department location: Block number: 112, 3nd floor
Full Name: Selamu Shirtawi
Head for software engineering department
Email Address:
Mobile Phone: +251 913687704